This is not a race; not a competition;
just a lazy float on a hot summer day!

Sponsored by Boy Scout Troop 367, Smith County, Tennessee

Please reserve your spot
so shuttle transport from South Carthage to Stonewall can be arranged.

Make reservations at
David Oyster at 615-418-6952
Roger Morris at 615-774-3159

No cost for the float.  No canoes or kayaks are provided.  You are to provide your own.  Meet
at Stonewall Access Ramp at 2 pm with your canoes or kayaks.  Scouts will stay with your
canoes/kayaks while you take your vehicle to Ag Center Access Ramp in South Carthage.  
Free shuttle service will then take you back to Stonewall to begin the Float.  Will try to be on
the water for a leisurely float down the Caney Fork River by 2:45 pm.