Smith County Fair
Open Poultry Show

For more information contact
Katie Clark
Date and Time: Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Inspection starts at 5 pm    Show starts at 6:30 pm
Location: Fairgrounds

Rules and Regulations:
Must preregister by calling Extension Office (735-2900) by
July 18, 2017.  No exceptions.

2. All birds must be inspected and free of disease, parasites, etc.
and certified Pullorum free prior to being accepted for competition.
Free on-site testing will be conducted prior to show.

3. Exhibition cages will be provided.

4. Exhibitor limited to one entry per class.

5. Though every precaution will be taken, neither the Smith County
Fair nor any individual working this event, will be responsible for      
the injury or loss of any bird.

6. All birds must be removed from the Fair Grounds following the
completion of the show.

Premiums: 1st place $5, 2nd place $3, 3rd place $2.
Best of Show Overall: $10
First place winners will compete for Best of Class.  

Best of Class winners will compete for Best of Show Overall at the
end of the show.
Class I Bantams
Lot 1  Feather Legged (Purebred) Hens
Lot 2  Feather Legged (Purebred) Rooster
Lot 3  Clean Legged (Purebred) Hens
Lot 4  Clean Legged (Purebred) Roosters
Lot 5  Other (Mixed) Hens
Lot 6  Other (Mixed) Rooster

Class II Heavy Breeds
Lot   1  Barred Rock Hen
Lot   2  Barred Rock Rooster
Lot   3  Rhode Island Red Hen
Lot   4  Rhode Island Red Rooster
Lot   5  Sex Link (Black, Red, or White) Hen
Lot   6  Sex Link (Black, Red, or White) Rooster
Lot   7  Americanas Hen
Lot   8  Americanas Rooster
Lot   9  Orphingtons Hen
Lot 10  Orphingtons Rooster
Lot 11 Other Hen
Lot 12 Other Rooser
Class III Asiatic Breeds
Lot 1  Cochins Hen
Lot 2  Cochins Rooster
Lot 3  Other Hen
Lot 4  Other Rooster

Class V Ducks
Lot 1  Pekin Hen
Lot 2  Pekin Drake
Lot 3  Mallard Hen
Lot 4  Mallard Drake
Lot 5  Other - Hen
Lot 6  Other- Drake