Pageant Rules:
1. Contestant must reside in Smith County full-time.  Entry fee is $25.  Pageant staff reserves the right
to ask for proof of residency. NO REFUNDS.

2. Entrant is and has always been a female is between the ages of 10-12 years for Junior and 7-9
years of age for Petites by the date of pageant.  Pageant staff reserves the right to require proof of age.

3. Resident will not qualify to compete is she is married, ever been married, is pregnant, ever been
pregnant, or been convicted of a felony.  Winner must relinquish crown if she gets married, gets
pregnant or is convicted of a felony during her year of reign.

4. Dress must be formal and floor length.  Judges will strongly consider contestant's make-up and
dress.   Contestants need to "look their age."  Entrant in the Miss Petite may have MINIMAL make-up.  
Flippers (fake teeth) and hair pieces/wigs will NOT be permitted.

5. Entrant will continue to be a person of good moral character, affirms that she has not committed and
will not commit any act inconsistent with the highest standards of public morals and convictions or that
reflect unfavorable on the Smith County Fair Pageant, its representatives, sponsors and/or the county.

6. Deadline for pageant entry is July 23, 2017, and entry must be postmarked by July 23, 2017.

7. Contestant, parent and/or legal guardian must agree to abide by all pageant rules, regulations and
must sign a release form.  

8. Winner will be REQUIRED to attend some fair events and REQUIRED to make appearances during
her year of reign.  Appearances are at the discretion of the chairperson and/or executive board
members.  Winner can not make appearances without the consent of pageant director and all
appearances are at the discretion of pageant director and/or executive board members.

9. There will be a Most Photogenic.  The entry fee is $10. Photo MUST be 5x7 or smaller.  Submit photo
with entry or bring photo the day of the pageant.  Photos will be returned the night of the pageant.

10. There will also be a People's Choice Award for contestant with the most $1 votes.

11. Judges will choose a winner, first runner-up, and second runner-up.  Judges' decisions are final.

12. Fees are due by the deadline July 23, 2017. EXACT CASH or TWO CHECKS (if you want to be in

13. July 24, 2016 will an OPTIONAL day to come and practice on stage before pageant at the Ag
Center from 1-3

ENTRY FORMS are available:

For more information contact:  Megan McDonald at