Entries for the Family and Consumer Sciences Exhibits (Divisions: Sewing, Needlecraft, Crafts, Fine Arts, Photography, Canning, Cooking, Floriculture) will be taken between 7:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on  Friday, June 25, 2021, with the exception of Cooking and Floriculture. Entries for Cooking and Floriculture will be taken on Monday, June 28, 2021, between 7:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.


Rules for Adult Exhibits:

  1. Any item receiving any ribbon may not be entered again.
  2. Due to lack of space, we can no longer take entries at the Extension Office.
  3. In case of mistakes, entry book will be accepted as standard in awarding prize money.
  4. In case of only one entry in a class, it shall be judged according to the quality of the product.
  5. Only one entry per person may be entered in the same Lot in any Division.
  6. Open only to Smith County residents over the age of 18 and/or current Smith County FCE club members.
  7. Pick up will begin at 12:00 p.m. Sunday, July 4 and will end at 2:00 p.m.. However, Cooking entries WILL NOT be returned. Only ribbons in cooking will be given at pick up. Premium checks must be picked up on Sunday as well and cashed within 60 days.
  8. All articles are exhibited at the owner’s risk, but all reasonable precautions will be taken for protection of items.
  9. We are not responsible for items not picked up on Sunday afternoon by 3:00.
  10. Items must be homemade where applicable.
  11. FCS exhibits will be closed during judging and at 9:00 p.m. on week nights and at 9:30 p.m. on Friday & Saturday.
  12. Judges’ decisions will be final.
  13. Best of Show will be given in each Division.
  14. The Hallie Mai Clemons Award of $100 will be given to the FCE club with the most entries in the Family & Consumer Sciences exhibits. Exhibitors must be a club member prior to June 15 to qualify.


In each Division the following will be awarded:

PREMIUMS…………………1ST – $5, 2ND – $4. 3RD – $3

BEST OF SHOW…………..$10


Bar Codes Required for entering: Anyone entering items in FCS, AG, or 4-H Exhibits must have a bar code sheet. If you have not registered and need bar codes, contact the Extension Office from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday though Friday. You can also register as you bring your items to enter at the Ag Center. If you left your bar code sheet with us, they will be available when you enter your items. Please do not place bar codes on your items. This will be done by fair volunteers. If you have questions, call the Extension Office at 615-735-2900.



  1. Items must be made by exhibitor with the exception of recycled clothing.
Lot 1   Coat/Jacket
Lot 2   Dress, casual
Lot 3   Dress, fancy
Lot 4   Vest
Lot 5   Suit – Jacket with pants or skirt
Lot 6   Blouse
Lot 7   Skirt
Lot 8   Any other ladies’ clothing


Lot 9   Smocked children’s article
Lot 10  Active wear (girls or boys)
Lot 11  Girls’ dressy outfit
Lot 12  Any other children’s clothing
Lot 13  Table Runner
Lot 14  Pillow, handmade
Lot 15  Doll Clothes
Lot 16  Costumes, adult
Lot 17  Costumes, youth
Lot 18  Recycled clothing
Lot 19  Aprons
Lot 20  Potholder
Lot 21  Purse/Tote Bag
Lot 22  Quilted clothing item
Lot 23  Any other sewn item



  1. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to make sure their entry is in the correct category.
  2. Items must be made by exhibitor.


Lot 1   Afghan, Knitted
Lot 2   Afghan, Crocheted
Lot 3   Afghan, Baby

Lot 4   Children’s crocheted clothing
Lot 5   Children’s knitted clothing
Lot 6   Adult crocheted clothing
Lot 7   Adult knitted clothing

Lot 8    Knitting, any article except afghans

Lot 9    Crochet, any article except afghans
Lot 10  Potholder/washcloth
Lot 11  Crewel Embroidered article
Lot 12  Cross-Stitched article
Lot 13  Embroidered article
Lot 14  Needlepoint article
Lot 15  Counted Cross-Stitch article, small
Lot 16  Counted Cross-Stitch article, large


  1. Work can be pieced by exhibitor and quilted by someone else, but must be noted on exhibit.
Lot 1   Quilt,hand-appliquéd
Lot 2   Quilt, machine-appliqued
Lot 3   Quilt, specialty (Cathedral Window, etc.)
Lot 4    Quilt, hand-pieced & hand-quilted
Lot 5    Quilt, machine-pieced & machine quilted
Lot 6    Quilt, hand-pieced & machine-quilted
Lot 7    Quilt, machine-pieced & hand quilted
Lot 8    Hand Embroidered Quilt
Lot 9   Machine Embroidered Quilt
Lot 10  Baby Quilt
Lot 11  Quilt Tops only
Lot 12  Lap Quilt
Lot 13  Wall Hanging, quilted
Lot 14  Miniature Quilt (blocks no larger than 4” with maximum quilt size of 24” x 24”)
Lot 15  Quilt made by a group of 3 or more people
Lot 16  Any other Quilt

Note: Scrapbooks will be left out for viewing.


Lot 1   Baskets, woven
Lot 2   Ceramics
Lot 3   Christmas craft
Lot 4   Christmas stocking
Lot 5   Christmas tree ornament
Lot 6   Christmas wreath
Lot 7   Dolls
Lot 8   Halloween decoration
Lot 9    Hand-painted article
Lot 10  Other Holiday article
Lot 11  Jewelry – handmade
Lot 12  Pottery
Lot 13  Rugs
Lot 14  Scrapbook or Memory Book
Lot 15  Single scrapbook page
Lot 16  Recycled item
Lot 17  Toys, handmade
Lot 18  Wooden product -small (ex. Tree ornament)
Lot 19  Wooden product – medium
Lot 20  Wooden product – large (more than 12” tall)
Lot 21  Decorated Gourd
Lot 22  Special Occasion Cards
Lot 23  Hand carved wood item, small
Lot 24  Hand carved wood item large
Lot 25  Any Other craft item


  1. No canvas paintings exceeding 24” x 30”, including frame, will be accepted.
  2. Paintings must be framed or on stretch canvas.
  3. All entries must have hooks or stands for hanging or displaying.
  4. Only one entry per person in any Lot.
  5. No paint by number or glass painting.
  6. Paintings with wet paint will be disqualified.
  7. Professional is defined as someone who sells their work, teaches art professionally, or a person who has published and sold art or has displayed in a gallery.
Lot 1   Oil
Lot 2   Watercolor
Lot 3   Acrylics
Lot 4   Pastel
Lot 5   Pencil
Lot 6    Charcoal
Lot 7    Contemporary (any media)
Lot 8    Any Media (Including china)
Lot 9    Wood Sculpture
Lot 10  Metal Sculpture
Lot 11  Mixed Media Sculpture
Lot 12  Recycled Art
Lot 13  Any other amateur art
Lot 14  Oil
Lot 15  Watercolor
Lot 16  Acrylic
Lot 17  Pastel
Lot 18  Pencil
Lot 19  Charcoal
Lot 20  Contemporary (any media)
Lot 21  Any Media (Including china)
Lot 22  Wood Sculpture
Lot 23  Metal Sculpture
Lot 24  Mixed Media Sculpture
Lot 25  Recycled Art
Lot 26  Any other professional art


  1. All photos must be the original work of an amateur photographer (amateur – someone who does not receive pay for photography).
  2. Previous winning entries or those entered in the past year will not be accepted.
  3. All photos must be no smaller than 5” x 7” or no larger than 8” x 10” and in color, except lot #2 and #18.
  4. Photos must be mounted on sturdy mount board, no construction paper or cardstock, to accommodate photography racks. No framed photos accepted.
  5. Only one item may be entered in any Lot.
  6. Tags will be placed on items in the direction that the photo will be displayed.
Lot 1    Architecture
Lot 2    Black & White
Lot 3    Favorite Pet Photos
Lot 4    Landscape
Lot 5    Nature (trees, water, trails, etc.)
Lot 6    Portrait/People
Lot 7    Sports/Action
Lot 8    Still Life
Lot 9    Sunset/Sunrise
Lot 10  Snow scene
Lot 11  Baby (age 1 & under)
Lot 12  Humorous
Lot 13  Historic Landmarks
Lot 14  Barn/Outbuilding
Lot 15  Plants & flowers
Lot 16  Wild Animals
Lot 17  Farm Animals
Lot 18  Digitally enhanced
Lot 19  Any other
  1. All entries must be made by the exhibitor in containers of size called for in Fair Catalog or will be refused.
  2. Canned items will not be accepted unless they are sealed Mason-type canning jars with 2 piece lids. (Ex., Ball or Kerr). Any items losing their seal will be discarded.
  3. Product must have been canned since the 2018 Smith County Fair.
  4. Jars must have exhibitors name and phone number on bottom of jar.
  5. All fruits, vegetables, pickles, and juices will be accepted in either pints or quarts, unless noted otherwise.
  6. Jams, jellies and preserves will only be accepted in pints or jelly jars.
  7. Paraffin cannot be used to seal jams, jellies or preserves.


Lot 1   Pears
Lot 2   Peaches
Lot 3   Blackberries
Lot 4   Apples
Lot 5   Cherries
Lot 6   Applesauce
Lot 7   Any other fruit
Lot 8   Green Beans, no shelly
Lot 9   Green Beans, shelly
Lot 10  Tomatoes, crushed
Lot 11  Tomatoes, whole
Lot 12  Sauer Kraut
Lot 13  Beets
Lot 14  Lima Beans
Lot 15  Soup Mixture
Lot 16  Okra
Lot 17  Corn, whole kernel
Lot 18  Peas
Lot 19  Any other vegetable
Lot 20  Peach Preserves
Lot 21  Pear Preserves
Lot 22  Plum Preserves
Lot 23  Strawberry Preserves
Lot 24  Cherry Preserves
Lot 25  Apple Butter
Lot 26  Blueberry Jam
Lot 27  Blackberry Jam
Lot 28  Any Other
Lot 29  Apple
Lot 30  Blackberry
Lot 31  Blueberry
Lot 32  Cherry
Lot 33  Grape
Lot 34  Plum
Lot 35  Any Other
Lot 36  Sweet Cucumber Pickles
Lot 37  Dill Pickles
Lot 38  Squash Pickles
Lot 39  Green Tomato Pickles
Lot 40  Beet Pickles
Lot 41  Corn Relish
Lot 42  Bread & Butter Pickles
Lot 43  Any Other Pickles
Lot 44  Chow Chow
Lot 45  Ripe Tomato Relish
Lot 46  Sweet cucumber relish
Lot 47  Vegetable Relish
Lot 48  Any Other Relish
Lot 49  Jalapeño Peppers
Lot 50  Banana Peppers
Lot 51  Okra
Lot 52  Any Other Pickled Pepper
Lot 53  Pint Dried Fruit
Lot 54  Grape Juice, dark
Lot 55  Tomato Juice
Lot 56  Salsa
Lot 57  Spaghetti Sauce
Lot 58  Honey with comb
Lot 59  Honey without comb
Lot 60  Hot Sauce
Lot 61  Any Other


  1. Entries must be made by the exhibitor.
  2. Entries must be displayed on sturdy, white disposable plates not to exceed 7”.
  3. Items preferred to be in zip lock bags.
  4. Due to limited space only winners may be displayed.
  5. Muffins, biscuits, yeast rolls, candy, cookies and cupcakes: Three (3) to a plate.
  6. Pies: 1 large slice displayed on plate (see rule #2).
  7. Cakes: 1⁄4 displayed on plate (see rule #2) with the exception of Lot 9. Cakes will be judged as follows: texture, flavor, and appearance.
  8. Breads: 1⁄4 loaf.
  9. Homemade crusts preferred, but not required.
  10. Cooking items will not be returned with the exception of faux decorated cakes.
  11. Cooking entries will be taken on Monday, June 30 from 8 a.m. – noon.
CLASS I – CAKES – NO MIXES (except Lot #7):
Lot 1  White
Lot 2  Yellow
Lot 3  Pound
Lot 4  Chocolate
Lot 5  Spice
Lot 6  Angel Food, no mixes
Lot 7  Commercial Cake Mix, any kind
Lot 8  Cupcakes
Lot 9  Decorated (bring whole faux or real cake)
Lot 10  Any other Cake
Lot 11  Sugar
Lot 12  Oatmeal
Lot 13  Chocolate Chip
Lot 14  Bar Cookie
Lot 15  Brownie
Lot 16  Tea Cakes
Lot 17  Peanut Butter
Lot 18  No Bake Cookies
Lot 19  Any Other
Lot 20  Carmel Pie
Lot 21  Chess
Lot 22  Lemon
Lot 23  Chocolate
Lot 24  Fruit
Lot 25  Pumpkin
Lot 26  Pecan
Lot 27  Coconut Pie
Lot 28  Sweet Potato Pie
Lot 29  Any Other
Lot 30  Divinity
Lot 31  Chocolate Fudge
Lot 32  Peanut Butter Fudge
Lot 33  Candy Display (3 different kinds)
Lot 34  Peanut Brittle
Lot 35  Any Other
Lot 36  Biscuits
Lot 37  Cornbread (3 muffins, sticks or slices)
Lot 38  Whole Wheat Bread
Lot 39  Yeast Bread
Lot 40  Sourdough Bread
Lot 41  Vegetable Bread
Lot 42  Fruit Bread
Lot 43  Yeast Rolls
Lot 44  Coffee Cake
Lot 45  Sweet Rolls
Lot 46  Muffins, other than cornbread
Lot 47 Any Other



  1. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to water their plants and/or replace all dead flowers with fresh ones during fair week. All dead flowers will be discarded.
  2. Entries will be judged 1/3 on flowers; 1/3 on arrangement; & 1/3 on container, except specimens.
  3. All specimens will be displayed in bottles provided by floriculture depart- ment at entry, and will be judged on flower only – container not considered.
  4. No artificial flowers will be accepted.
  5. Not responsible for containers that are lost or broken.
  6. Every effort will be made to preserve the condition of all plants, but the Fair will not be responsible for changes due to temperature, lighting and watering conditions.
  7. Potted plants must have been in exhibitor’s possession three months. No DRIED flowers.
  8. All Containers must have a saucer to catch water.


Lot 1   Boston Fern – foliage not to exceed 36”
Lot 2   Fern – Any Other Variety

Lot 3   Begonia
Lot 4   Geranium
Lot 5   Sultana
Lot 6   Shamrock
Lot 7   African Violet, single
Lot 8   African Violet, double
Lot 9   Mixed Pot
Lot 10  Wandering Jew
Lot 11  Any Other

Lot 12  Cactus – not to exceed 15”
Lot 13  Aloe Vera
Lot 14  Moss Rose
Lot 15  Jade
Lot 16  Sedum
Lot 17  Any Other
Lot 18  Sun Flowers
Lot 19  Wild Flowers
Lot 20  Gladiolus
Lot 21  Flowers, 3 or more varieties
Lot 22  Flowers – Patriotic
Lot 23  Dahlias
Lot 24  Roses
Lot 25  Zinnias
Lot 26  Marigolds
Lot 27  Cosmos
Lot 28  Most Unusual Arrangement
Lot 29  Fresh Herb
Lot 30  Lilies
Lot 31  Any Other
Lot 32  Gladiola, any color
Lot 33  Dahlia, any color
Lot 34  Cosmos
Lot 35  Pink Rose
Lot 36  White Rose
Lot 37  Red Rose

Lot 38  Yellow Rose
Lot 39  Small Zinnia
Lot 40  Large Zinnia
Lot 41  Marigold
Lot 42  Sunflower
Lot 43  Lilies, any type
Lot 44  Hydrangea, any color

Lot 45  Any Other



  1. Item must be at least 75 years old with the exception of Lot 5.
  2. Entry must have owner’s name; the name of the original owner if known; their relationship to you; and the name of the item on a note card.
  3. All items will be stored in a display case in order to provide additional security.
  4. Items may only be entered once every 5 years.
  5. Items must be original (no copies).
  6. All items should be 12 inches and under with the exception of antique quilts.


Lot 1   Tin type photo
Lot 2   Small kitchen item
Lot 3   Small men’s item
Lot 4   Small ladies’ item
Lot 5   War item (WWII or before)
Lot 6   Postcard or correspondence
Lot 7   Bottle
Lot 8   Antique Quilt (does not have to be made by the exhibitor)
Lot 9   Small Toy
Lot 10  Small Tool
Lot 11  Box
Lot 12  Book
Lot 13  Glassware
Please call the Ag Extension Office at (615) 735-2900 with any questions.