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The Smith County Fair Open Poultry Show is scheduled for Monday, July 3, 2023. 

Inspection starts at 5:00pm – Show Starts at 6:00pm.

CLASS I – Bantams

Lot 1 Feather Legged (Purebred) Hen
Lot 2 Feather Legged (Purebred) Rooster
Lot 3 Clean Legged (Purebred) Hen

Lot 4 Clean Legged (Purebred) Rooster
Lot 5 Other (Mixed) Hen
Lot 6 Other (Mixed) Rooster

CLASS II – Heavy Breeds

Lot 1 Barred Rock Hen
Lot 2 Barred Rock Rooster
Lot 3 Rhode Island Red Hen

Lot 4 Rhode Island Red Rooster
Lot 5 Sex Link (Black, Red, or White) Hen
Lot 6 Sex Link (Black, Red, or White) Rooster
Lot 7 Americanas Hen
Lot 8 Americanas Rooster
Lot 9 Orphingtons Hen
Lot 10 Orphingtons Rooster
Lot 11 Other – Hen
Lot 12 Other – Rooster

CLASS III – Asiatic Breeds

Lot 1 Cochins Hen

Lot 2 Cochins Rooster
Lot 3 Other – Hen
Lot 4 Other – Rooster

CLASS IV – Ducks

Lot 1 Pekin Hen

Lot 2 Pekin Drake
Lot 3 Mallard Hen
Lot 4 Mallard Drake
Lot 5 Other – Hen
Lot 6 Other – Drake
Please see the official fair program on the homepage of the website for more information and contest rules. 

For more information, contact Superintendent Katie Martin at the Smith County Extension Office at (615) 735-2900.